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Peak Performance Consulting

Transform from limited to limitless!


The G12

The G12 is a tailor-made 12-week programme that is designed to seamlessly fit into your current lifestyle. It enables you to maximise your energy and become a peak performer. 

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What's included?

  • In-depth consultation (to include a health screening, mobility assessment, performance assessment and an initial report detailing your current performance levels)

  • Nutrition consultation

  • Nutrition plan

  • 3 personal training sessions per week

  • Strategies to enhance cognitive function and rejuvenation

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Health screening every 4 weeks 

  • Final health screening (to include a mobility ssessment, performance assessment and a final report showcasing your results) 

Transform from a good leader into a great one.

Book a consultation call to discover your current energy and performance levels across all four keys.



The Energy Code

The Energy Code is your individual blueprint of how you maximise and optimise your energy in order to drive sustained peak performance. The Energy Code is what underpins the G12, and by enhancing all four keys you are able to unlock your full potential. 


The Genesis Club


A healthy mind needs a healthy body and exercise is the foundation to peak performance. Our focus is to create a strong, enduring, mobile body,  enabling you to retain optimum energy levels.

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The Genesis Club


It’s time to start exercising your brain. Our brains are a vital organ and cognitive function has a major impact on how we perform. A great leader is required to understand a wide range of information, think quickly and make smart decisions. Unleash the three C’s – creativity, clarity and certainty. 

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The Genesis Club


High performance, high energy, high octane fuel. You get out what you put in. You are what you eat. A high performance car requires high octane fuel at regular intervals to achieve sustained peak performance. So do you. 

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The Genesis Club


You cannot be at your best without rest. Sleep is no luxury. An insufficient amount of sleep reduces brain power, productivity and the ability to communicate well. Optimum rest allows leaders to enhance their memory, skills and consolidate new and creative connections. 

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